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Good photos and nice work. Be careful out there.
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Nice photo journalism. Thanks. You have some nice woods too. I think you are right that you could have taken both pieces together but it is better to do what you did first. Now next time if you take two you will know the difference. Do you find that by chokeing your log so far back that when you raise your winch and skid it out it is like you have a really stiff tail and it is harder to steer ? That happens to my rig sometimes if I do that.
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Yes, it does that indeed. The reason for choking so far back is because this old stuff has no bark left and is fairly slick. If I can catch a knothole or stub from a branch, there less chance of slippage.
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If you find that you're getting hung up on trees and roots along the way, you may want to look into something like this.. I built the cone from 1/4 inch aluminum plate. The choker chain extends through the nose and onto the winch cable and the cone fits over the log butt, so you're always pulling from the tip. Nothing can get between the chain/cable and the log.

I've used it with a snatch block and rope for a while now, this will be the first year using it with a winch. I picked up a Norse (Igland) 290 winch about a week ago.


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How is the L4610 holding up for logging? It looks like you've got a real nice winch there!

As you can tell from my tractor-shopping thread, I'm looking for one that will make a good low-impact logging tractor (ground engagement is 2nd priority). Having used the L4610, if you could pick the ideal tractor for the job out of the current lineup of available new tractors (no need to limit it to Kubotas), which would it be?

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jpsheb, I sent you a private message.
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Thanks for the pics Grandad4, very nice set-up. I could be wrong here, but shouldn't your snatchblock be turned over so when the hook or slider hits the releasing mechanism the cable falls to the ground? I know you're still getting the hang of it. Be careful and have fun.:thumbsup:
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Thanks for the pointer. I had wondered about that. My pulls are nice and easy, but particularly if the pull is fast, I could see how releasing it upward like that could whip the cable. You'd think for $300 they could include an instruction sheet or something, but no.