Long 445



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Mar 28, 2007
West Wales UK
Zetor 7045; Wheelhorses C121, C101, A8;Cushman Turf truckster
I have an UTB 445DT which is the 4WD version of the Long 445. This is a selectable 4 WD or front wheel assist arrangement.
On mine the front axle can move forward or backward by over 1/8"!
I could, for now, slide in a brass thrust washer to take up this slack, but its clear the trunnion bearings for the axle need replacing too. The steering trunnions seem OK but both rod ends on the transverse rod at the front of the axle are shot too. Anyone have a source for these? I am in UK but freight from across the pond should be OK for small items like rod ends.
Does anyone have an exploded diagram of the 4X4 front 4 WD axle mounting they could post? I can't see how to get the front axle off ( I have a loader, so the brackets fro that will need to come off too) but at the moment I can't see how much of a job this axle might be, so the parts diagram would be good.