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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
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I just had to share this. This guy tried to carjack a vehicle, but failed because it had a standard transmission. Then he tried another car but the driver had a handgun. Then he tried to take a 90 year old woman hostage, but she broke away from him and ran away. Maybe he needs a new line of work... if and when he gets out of jail.

Violent Crime Spree Ends with Arrest | DPD Beat
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See? This is why cops don't get paid much. Their clientele are to easy.
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I find it interesting that he was referenced as being white 2x along with a pic.
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Yeah, I caught that also. I figure that was for the benefit of all those racists out there that might think otherwise.
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White lives matter.
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You don't really have to mention that here in Maine, we come in at 95-96% white, but then Portland is really not Maine.