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Sep 29, 2012
RK37HC and Ford 8N
The RK37 I saw was very loud at mowing rpm even with the cab. Has anyone added a muffler to theirs?
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I doubt you can add any muffling without totally confusing the Diesel Particulate Filter sensors, shutting down the engine.

Consider ear plugs or electronic noise cancelling ear muffs.
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Same thing hear. My 55RK unit running at 2500rpm speed needed for the mower PTO speed, is kinda loud even in the cab too. I turn up the radio, or resort to wearing ear plugs.
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The noise level is annoying even with ear plugs. That and the width of the wheel spacing not being adjustable outwards for across-the-hill mowing are the main things keeping me from buying an RK37.
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Tractors make noise. It's just the nature of it. Honestly, these new tractors are way quieter than the old ones.

Regarding the adjustable rims, those are usually offered with the R1 tires only. Don't know about RK in particular.
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I use a nice set of heating protectors, like one would use for shooting. Ive lost enough of my hearing over the years.