LOVE my KD440

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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
BCS 850 diesel and 735 diesel
Hey all,

I used to use my 830 in the winter on a 60" Cycle Country snow blade adapted to fit on front of the dozer blade. That was when I had a driveway 3 cars wide and 50ish feet long. I sold the dozer blade, thinking I'd come across another one. I haven't yet. Still got the snow blade in case I do... I sold the house in town and moved to the farm September 2010. The driveway into my farm is 1800 feet long to the corner and another several hundred around the buildings. I got a John Deere 317 skid steer, so it wouldn't make sense to mount a blower or dozer blade.

So I don't use my walk-behind tractor during the winter. It's been 6 months since it was started, sitting in the back of my old dairy barn. 50 degrees today, so I figured I'd go give it a whirl. I never bothered to install a battery on the machine because I'm a pretty big guy and starting it isn't difficult most days. Turned it over slowly a dozen times or so to prime it and gave it my on on the 13th revolution. POP! The ol' girl fired right up and run smooth on the first try.

Man, I love that engine.

BTW, I'm firing it up because I'm gonna go in after lights out and till up my laying hen house. The litter on the ground gets wet during the winter due to condensation. I put down many bales of sawdust in January, February, and March to keep the girls happy, but they'd be happier with friable litter It's warming up and the condensation is gone, so I'm tearing it up for the chickens to play in. Chalk up another uncommon use for the walk-behind tractor.