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Jul 5, 2005
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Wondering if anyone out of necessity, has replaced their Lovejoy coupler. I still seem to have a very mild vibration going up hill especially when going very slow. Nothing terrible but it's there. Wondering if my coupler spider is just worn or may be slightly out of line.

Does anyone have first hand experience with a coupler on their 422 or 425 guessing it would be very similar to my 1425. If so have you had to replace it. How forgiving are these rubber plastic spiders in the middle if slightly out of line. I was going to loosen the engine but it is hard to get to the under side with all of the hoses in my way. Trying to resolve first another way if I can.

Thinking I should loosen the pump hex nuts first and see if I there any play or adjustment to work with. I may take the pump end of the coupler off and see if there is any wear on the plastic spider.

I lubed the coupler and it seems much smoother, still on the fence if I should bother it at all.

I'm also going to replace my spring loaded Hydroback cable seems to be sticking a little bit causing the PT to creep backwards until I tap the forward treadle then it stops. Ive cleaned and lubed the cable and everything going through the tunnel and Treadle still seems pretty stiff at times.
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Spider life is shortened with misalignment. Properly aligned Lovejoy couplers last for years if not overloaded or misaligned. I would spend some time to determine the source of the vibration. That is usually the first sign of a problem wanting to become a big problem. Check for loose bolts or bearing starting to fail.
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Run the thing for about 5 minutes. Then "carefully" feel the lovejoy coupling. IF mis-aligned or wore out it will be VERY warm. IF it is properly aligned, it shouldn't be hot at all.
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I've checked over everything for the most part everything else seems to be fine. The engine runs very smooth. I just like to have everything perfect. I'll try that LD1 thanks.
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The rubber I have on my mowers lovejoy tends to fail after 4 or 5 years. I think it is all the debris. But the actuall connector is fine, just the rubber inbetween.
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Thanks Woodlandfarms... That is what I'm thinking maybe not really out of alignment. May just badly worn and I need to replace it.. Now if I could figure out who makes this one it appears to be aluminum with black rubber. I've never seen one or had one apart before....
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Lovejoy couplers come in sizes; measure yours and you should be good to go to find a replacement.

My experience with them is that misalignments will destroy them in no time flat. If yours has slipped out of alignment, you are on borrowed time. If it is wearing, it is on borrowed time.

Then again, low speed vibration could be lots of things.

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It's really not a vibration makes no noise seems more like a bad bearing but very mild just barely noticeable when going up a steep grade. I plan to take the spider out and inspect it. I know you can buy them separately. Just want to have her in perfect shape before the winter temperatures come knocking.
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I understand wanting to be ready for winter. I would not want to change a Lovejoy connector when it was 15F.

Could one of your engine mounts be loose or perhaps cracked (rubber)? A bad bearing seems...unlikely, and unlikely to be worse on a steep grade. Stiff rubber/cracked seems more likely.

Have you asked Terry?

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I just said it reminded me of a bad bearing.. Motor is tight and runs smooth.. Still not sure what it might be. I really haven't devoted a lot of time to it only because it's not that bad. At least not yet .. I've been busy working around the house getting ready for fall and in my spare time working on the stiff treadle.

When I do get some time to look at it. If I can't figure it out, I will give Mr Terry a call.. I need to call him soon anyway and order another hydroback cable assembly. I think this one has seen better days. Thanks for all the suggestions though.. ;)