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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
LS XR4140H (Mine) BX2380 (wife’s)
Anyone wit the LS USA Hq email address?
Sent inquiry from website no response. Of course with those one never knows.
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This might help
6900 Corporation Parkway, Battleboro,NC 27809
1-252-954-0701 Fax
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Thanks, Walter
Was hoping maybe some actually got a response and had the real email. Sadly, 5 days and not even acknowledged. ☹️
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I did get this informative response:
“Thanks for contacting LS Tractor USA. We are committed to supporting our customers, dealers, and guests in any way possible. Someone will be in contact soon.”
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It took over a week for a reply to a question I asked. All they did was refer me to the local dealer. So I gave them my 2 cents about that. Told them that all dealers are not equal and that that is what is hurting them.
They respond by saying they contacted the distribution center and got the answer from them.
I don't think they have much technical expertise on staff.
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Interesting Adam.
I know dealer doesn’t know because they told me they are awaiting answer.
A while back I queried Kioti Hq and they just cut and pasted the dealer info on the web site.
Seems to me, the HQ CS should know where/who to get the answers from and be willing to pass it on.
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Tried web email again, no response. Gave up and called above #, spoke with Nancy who is really nice and she promised to get answer and email back.
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I went to the website and requested help about a problem, got a call the very next day.
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That’s good to hear. Maybe my questions were too hard:
Can R4 tires be mounted on factory R1 rims or do I need new rims (XR4140H)?
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The front rim size is different between the R1 and the R4:


The biggest problem is making sure that the OD of the front and rear stays at the proper ratio to match the drivetrain. If it doesn't, you will rip your drivetrain apart in 4WD. The R4's are wider than the R1s, so I think you would need a wider rim.