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Jul 21, 2021
North East Texas
So I am a very thorough purchaser of big ticket items. I tend to spend months (or years) gather data before I pull the trigger.

I am trying to complete a spreadsheet I am building to compare tractors from various manufacturers from about 25 HP compact to about 45-50 HP. I will probably end up on the higher end of that, but I will need to convince my business partner (some would use the term wife here, but in this case she is all business).

The trouble I am having is that unlike the competition, LS does not appear to have a published MSRP. I am 100% aware that dealer prices may vary. I am trying to get baseline prices on the models so I can compare apples to apples and so when I do get to the negotiation phase, I have some sense of whether my deal is good or bad.
The models of LS I am considering in my analysis (but I am open to adjustment) : MT255E; XR3135; MT240E; MT345E; MT342C (this one appears to be lowest end model with a cab, will likely go ROPS, though)

Any idea if there is a place on the website I am missing or somewhere else that LS has MSRPs? Anyone recently buy one of these and care to share the base price of the tractor?
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MT240E HST for $21,500 this spring near Seattle. LOVE this tractor.
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MT240E HST a year ago before things went too crazy $20,215
I think I was quoted 21.5, but I found that 20k price in an online add at a dealer few hours from me. I told the local dealer they could match it, or I was taking a road trip to pick the other one up that weekend. After some thought, they matched it. I did let them make some back on a 3rd function, then later on rear remotes, filters, and a few odds and ends. Good dealership.
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I called a few LS dealers for mine got the best price from the one 150 miles away. Told my local dealer and he match the price with a few extra goodies too.
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I am trying to get baseline prices on the models

Any idea if there is a place on the website I am missing or somewhere else that LS has MSRPs?
Scan through listings on sites like TractorHouse or Fastline or a couple of others. Some dealers list prices there ... enough to get a basic idea.
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You won't find LS msrp anywhere. Like diggin it said, search google for the model number:" LS MT225HE for sale"...... You should get to find different dealer pricing that way.

If the dealer website says "call for quote" ... I usually just went past them.
I have found dramatic differences between dealers. Once I found the best price, took that to my dealer and asked to make a deal based on that price.
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If either of these are in your budget then go for one of them, MT345E MT342C. A cab would be very nice to have!

I have a MT240HE and it has worked great for me doing loader work, backhoe, grapple, disking, rototilling, brush hogging, grapple work and pallet forks work. I just hit ~165 hrs yesterday brush hogging the deer lease. It has been trouble free so far.

I actually thought I was buying a bigger tractor than I needed but big enough for future use as well on our retirement property we plan to buy in the next 3-6 years.
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I go back and forth on cabs. I am sure there will be times when I wish I had one. Since this is for our retirement place, I will work when it is cool and relax when it is hot. Since we don't really get snow or cold here, I am leaning towards ROPS. A lot of manufacturers only put cabs on HST, too. I want gear transmission.
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I dont really have anything to add on the topic, but I do have something to add about cab vs ROPS.

I was sold on the idea that adding a cab would drastically increase the price of the tractor. When ordering my tractor at the dealer, I found out I was wrong. The cab model was not that much more, and I get AC in the summer, heat in the winter, no bugs, little dust, and a radio!

As far as manufactures only put cabs on HST, I'm not sure where your getting that data? Maybe its true, but that's the first I've heard. My tractor (though discontinued by LS) is a geared cab tractor. I'm not exactly a fan of HST either. It has its place, but I prefer gear driven. The LS tractor that is a direct replacement of my XR is the MT347C (and by "direct replacement" I mean close enough with added features I'm jealous about.)

If its in your budget, I'd spring for the cab model.
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Might want to look at the shuttle shift. I love mine. I also have ROPS.