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I have a cab and love it.... most of the time. But if working around trees, it is a huge PITA. I was doing food plots at deer camp last last week and in some areas I was hitting a lot of branches. Of course I am the only one with a cab. Nothing that we cannot solve by cutting back the branches but we had no time to do that, so I "suffered" through it.

I need a cab for winter and summer (I am sensitive to heat) and would never own an opemn station tractor but I can see where it has its downsides too.
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I dont really have anything to add on the topic, but I do have something to add about cab vs ROPS.

I was sold on the idea that adding a cab would drastically increase the price of the tractor. When ordering my tractor at the dealer, I found out I was wrong. The cab model was not that much more, and I get AC in the summer, heat in the winter, no bugs, little dust, and a radio!

As far as manufactures only put cabs on HST, I'm not sure where your getting that data? Maybe its true, but that's the first I've heard. My tractor (though discontinued by LS) is a geared cab tractor. I'm not exactly a fan of HST either. It has its place, but I prefer gear driven. The LS tractor that is a direct replacement of my XR is the MT347C (and by "direct replacement" I mean close enough with added features I'm jealous about.)

If its in your budget, I'd spring for the cab model.
I have a massive spreadsheet with many manufacturers' data. Many are offering cabs only with HST in the sizes I am looking. LS is an exception, so I am considering that. For those who list prices, the cabs run about 5-7k higher like for like. I will also be going in and out more than many. Most of my tractor jobs can be done when I want, so I can avoid most weather issues. I am sure there will be exceptions, but unless the one I find has a great deal on the cab, ROPS for me.
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I ordered a LS MT342HC in January, took delivery Feb. 13. Paid 37K with LS backhoe. Dealer told my insurance co the list was 45K Really like the cab and everything about it. 48 hours on it now and about ready for first service.
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I misspoke above. gave 37.7k, which included third function valve and loaded tires. sorry bout that
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I misspoke above. gave 37.7k, which included third function valve and loaded tires. sorry bout that
That's it. I going to have to block you. How dare you try to help me and make a mistake? {sarcasm alert}. Thanks, for real.
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Stumbled onto website by accident. They have pricing posted for many, not all, LS tractors.