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Nov 2, 2014
Laplata, MD
Kubota LX3310
New LX3310 Which Bucket? 54" or 60"?

For a new LX3310 and general use, I see Kubota offers a 54" bucket and a 60" "Light material" bucket. Which do I want?

54" seems narrow for that tractor, but perhaps its deep and appropriate.

My only point of reference in real use is my 48" BX25D bucket. thanks
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I have a LX2610 with a 60" bucket and used a friends B2650 with 54" bucket. Personally I prefer the 60" for dirt work and spreading gravel. I like the fact it is wider than the tractor and visually easier to see it filling.
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Thank you very much, are the two buckets approximately the same height and depth, with the exception of a 6" length difference?
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It's been a few months since I used his machine but I think they are the same depth. If I'm by his shop I'll measure it.
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Got 50 hours on an LX2610 with 60 inch bucket.

54 inch bucket weighs 176 pounds and comes pre-drilled for an optional Kubota cutting bar. The 60 inch bucket weighs 189 pounds and no optional cutting bar. People do add non Kubota cutting bars.

My 60 inch bucket is labeled light material use and it definitely is a lightweight built bucket. No wear bars on bottom. Thin and narrow cutting edge. This is on a narrow loader and if your doing serious cutting a 54 inch bucket would have a much greater safety factor to protect the loader from twisting. Compared to the NH tractor with 54 inch bucket I previously had it had wear bars on bottom, thicker and wider cutting edge, more reinforcing, and heavier gauge steel.

For serious loader work get the 54 inch bucket with optional cutting bar added. Or get someone else's bucket. I'm currently looking at Durattach 54 inch buckets. Will probably add wear bars on bottom and weld on cutting edge to the 60.

The 60 inch bucket is fine for hauling mulch and use in loose material.
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Here are the specifications for both.

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Going to weld this on to the 60.

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Great to know, thank u