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Dec 10, 2012
Williamstown Ontario Canada
Kubota M7040 Nuffield 465
My M7040 has 130 hrs now. It is parked in an open shed. Last weekend we had a late season snow fall and I was blowing snow. The tractor was working hard and suddenly I was smelling something burning. I shut it off and jumped out to look but could not see anything wrong. I could not open the hood because the grill guard was in the way and I could not tilt it forward because of the FEL. I decided to start the tractor and raise the loader so I could get the hood open.
I found a large mass of smouldering dry leaves packed around the turbo. I think a squirrel had decided to build a nest there because it is above the block heater and he/she may have perceived it as a nice warm spot. I wonder if I had parked the tractor without noticing the smell could I have been left with a burned out tractor and burned down shed! I am now checking the engine each time I use it at this time of the year when animals are nesting.
Dave M7040
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you are fortunate for a keen sense of smell...varmints are a real problem... if it's parked in a shed, i'd leave the hood open. they don't like to nest in light. mothballs are effective too, they like to chew up seats, etc too. not to speak of harnesses. heard it happen on brand new rigs 1st night @ it's new home. good luck
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Several different brand tractors have been known to catch fire from bird nests built on exhaust manifolds. It pays to check for debris under hood if tractor has been setting idle for very long.
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Good Catch!

I've had a rat chew all the insulation off a 20 amp 120 volt electrical wire and apparently get away with it as I didn't find a carcass. He did enough damage to the wire to shut down the circuit.
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I have a pretty well insulated and sealed basement/shop. Mice still find their way in and make nests in motorcycle air filter housings. I pulled the muffler off of one of my bikes a couple of years ago to service the rear tire and suspension. when I stood the mufflers up in the corner, sunflower seeds poured out. Somehow, they even got into the sealed bird seed containers. Or, maybe they raided the feeder, outside, and were stashing the seeds in the mufflers. I have also heard of them chewing through wiring insulation. I keep little snap traps around and every once in a while I'll get one.
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Here's what mice did to the heater fan on my neighbor's Dodge pick up.


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