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Nov 20, 2013
Fredericksburg, VA
1986 Ford 3910
I had leak high up on the steering column so I have removed the instrument panel and steering valve cover. I found a milky white fluid as shown in the photo below.


I plan on replacing the large O-rings around the valve, valve cover, and the seal in the top of the cover to fix the leaks. My question is how can I go about flushing the steering system to get rid of all this old milky fluid? The engine is a 3 cylinder Perkins gas and I'm also attaching a photo of the power steering pump for reference.


Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Michael
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G'day termyte14.

To successfully repair the steering box requires that ALL seals and gaskets be replaced , replacing only the "O" ring will not fix the problem.
I would strip the Steernig box and replace all "o" rings and seals most of the parts are available from Bearing suppliers etc (SKF) .
If you need help during your project I am only to willing to help as I am sure other members are.
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I have ordered the following parts: 1751703M1, 180561M1, 1751687M1, and 1751702M1. I wasn't planning on going any deeper into system, but are you suggesting that I should? What other parts would you suggest? Also do you know the Timken or SKF number for part 1751700M1?

Also, how would I go about flushing the existing fluid out of the system?

Thanks, Michael
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Ok, so based on advice received here, I have pulled the steering box down completely and have replaced all the seals and O-rings. I have gotten to the part where I have reinstalled both pitman gears with side covers and need to adjust them. Can someone walk me through that process? I am confused by my manual. It states to tighten the lower pitman arm until a certain pull force is obtained at the rim of steering wheel. If I do that with a fish scale, I get some binding. If I adjust both the lower and upper adjustments together about 1/2 turn each at a time, the steering operates much more smoothly but I'm not getting to the recommended pull force.

Also, another question, before installing the gears, I had 4 complete revolutions of the steering wheel available. Now with the gears installed, I have just shy of 3 revolutions, does this sound correct? I am fairly confident I installed the gears as instructed by the manual I have.

Thanks in advance for your help.