Massey Ferguson 711 Skid steer Engine repower

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May 7, 2023
Ford 2n
Hello I have a Massey Ferguson 711 Skid steer with a Wisconsin vh4d engine. The engine starts easily and runs well but the compression is low and it has very bad blowby it also leaks oil so it got me thinking about what other engines could I put in it has anyone here ever replaced one of these Wisconsin engines for a small truck engine or a Vangaurd v twin engine? I know the machine is driven by a belt with a cog pulley on the crankshaft of the engine so what is the shaft size on the Wisconsin vh4d? I will continue to use the engine how it is for the time being and I might end up doing a top end rebuild on it but parts for this engine are getting rare and expensive so if its practical I would like to change the engine. The hydraulic side of the machine is very good and only has a small leak on one of the pumps only while using it.