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Warning.....will be picture heavy. I know they aren't anything super collectable, but I still wanted to save from scrap where they were going.
First I'll show the better of the two. The one that runs. Muffler is definitely wore out because it is LOUD. Paint is not perfect on either, but they have not been touched. So I will leave them that way. I have found repo decals but they are not cheap. Double what I paid for the full set for my Allis. Need a seat for this one. And it has no recoil start on it, but the other one does. Both are electric start.
101_5500 (Large).JPG
101_5501 (Large).JPG
101_5502 (Large).JPG
101_5503 (Large).JPG
101_5504 (Large).JPG
101_5505 (Large).JPG
101_5506 (Large).JPG
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And here is the one with the non running engine. The wood in the seat back is rotten, the steering wheel center cap is rough shape, no hubcaps with this one and looks like a home made exhaust on it.
And it has foot pegs versus the running boards.
101_5510 (Large).JPG
101_5511 (Large).JPG
101_5512 (Large).JPG
101_5513 (Large).JPG
101_5514 (Large).JPG
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And though the serial numbers are very close, you can still see minor differences. And a different shade of red paint. I don't think either one of them has been painted, because even the mower decks are that same different shade.

You can see the different air filter locations too.
101_5525 (Large).JPG
101_5526 (Large).JPG
101_5527 (Large).JPG
101_5528 (Large).JPG
101_5521 (Large).JPG
101_5522 (Large).JPG
101_5523 (Large).JPG
101_5524 (Large).JPG
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Last thing, I'm sure someone did this and it isn't stock? The rough one has the grill and front of the hood raised.

Compared to the other one.
101_5515 (Large).JPG
101_5516 (Large).JPG
101_5517 (Large).JPG
101_5518 (Large).JPG
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Thanks and no problem Can do.

And sorry Massey Mats, I don't want to sell them. There was a Massey 12 for sale cheap on here but I don't see it now? But I don't have facebook so maybe I just don't see it?