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May 11, 2014
Massey GC1710.
found a new, 2012 (leftover) max 22, dealer is asking $15,500 with loader and 60"MMM. Sound about right? The dealer swears between $2-3k to add a back hoe later, is he blowing smoke, or being honest? Thanks
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My dealer told me a backhoe will be close to $5,000 on my eMax 22, appears some smoke is blowing your way.

The eMax 22 was a little over $13,000 with FEL, quick hitch and 4' rear blade ($300 rebate on the hitch and blade however so actual total is a bit under 13)... and that was the financed price, cash was less. Your guy's price sounds a little high, my dealer quoted me $14,300, cash price, for the eMax 22 with FEL and mid-mount mower (60"). Granted the eMax is a bit smaller frame and the MSRP is lower to start with, but it's a brand, spanking new model. I also found a quote from another dealer I got on the eMax 25 with FEL and MMM for a Cash Sale Price of $15,369.00. I think if it fits your need the eMax is a better deal than his Max 22.
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Well, MSRP on current Max 22's is $12,690.00 at the Mahindra website. B.
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Thank you for the input, it looks like Massey will win, due to very attractive Equinesavings deals.