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May 26, 2013
Central va
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Hello I am new to this site, and for the most part tractors in general.
My wife and I are in the process of buying a house with 11.75 acres here in central Va, and have been looking at tractors, older medium farm type, and newer compact 4wd type tractors.
And that is what brings me to this forum, and the McCormick specific forum.
My current neighbor bought a McCormick.CTJ27 a couple of years ago, with front loader with bucket, R4 tires, and an aftermarket 5 ft rear scraper blade. It has mainly resided in his garage, it only has 25 hours on it, and looks brand new. The tire still have the little **** from the mold still on them, and the bucket doesn't even have a scratch, in it or on it.
I know it has a Mitsubishi Diesel engine, and has a mid PTO, as well as rear, plus hydraulic hookups for the front, of course, as well as the rear and mid mount also.
He knows we are moving, and has offered the tractor to me for 10.5k.
Is that a decent price?
Will I be able to get a 60" mower deck from McCormick, or LS to fit it like it would from the factory, and will this take care of 3.5 acres of yard. There is also about a 6 acre hay field and another small field that will have to be taken care of.
I do not plan on baling hay, but may keep the outside of field mowed for a walking path for us and our two dogs.
I hope some one can comment on this, and the tractors value, both monetary and usefulness. I think it would do fine for mowing, and the bucket will be handy for landscaping and yard/plants maintenance. Plus there is a small garden area that will get worked and tended. I just can't find much info about this model or its value on the net.
Thanks for helping this newbie out.
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Has any one had any type of experience with this model McCormick. Or one of the clones of it?
75 views and nothing to say?
I really would like to know if it is worth buying at this price, and where to go for a belly mower.
Thanks, Andy
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Welcome to the forums! I cannot comment specifically on the unit you are looking at but can make some general comments. I have a much larger McCormick that has been excellent, no problems at all. The Mitsubishi engine is super, one of the best in compact tractors. I do not know if you can purchase a mid mount mower for the unit, a call to a dealer should answer that. The unit is easily capable of handling the needs you describe and the price sounds fair for such a clean low hour unit with a nice shiny loader.
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Sorry, I can't help much either. I know some of the others are Daedong tractors (Kioti, Bobcat & Landini) but I don't know anything about that one. The two best brands for value to money IMO are Kioti and LS and are at the top of my list. Since this is an LS built machine, it should be a very solid well built tractor.

Apart from any of that, any 27hp tractor with a FEL and only 25hrs for 10.5K sounds like a heck of a deal to me, especially if you know the history. Hopefully somebody else can tell you more.
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Well, I just want to follow up to say I bought the tractor, with FEL, and rear mount 5 foot blade.
My wife and I closed on our house last week, 11.75 acres, majority open and I think this tractor will work out fine for me.
My main quest now is to figure out if I can use a belly mower from and LS or one of the New Holland Boomers, adapt a 60" from another brand with MM PTO, or go for a finish mower for the rear 3 pt. hitch.
There is a fellow trying to sell a Kubota 60" mid mount deck from a B series that looks like it might could be adapted, but again, I am new to this, and don't know near enough about all there is to know.
Thanks again for anyone that has, can, or will offer any guidance, Andy
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Here is my new to me CTJ27.
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NICE! Looks brand new as you stated...

As far as fitting another brand MMM, probably a long shot, but have you checked with Woods? They used to offer MMM's for small tractors, maybe they have something you could adapt. I have 2 Woods RFM's, certainly not as handy as a MMM but they get the job done!
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I'm thinking along the lines of Storm56, a rear finish mower. Easy on-easy off.