McCormick XTX 215 Transmission Problem

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Jun 11, 2020
McCormick XTX 215
We have a McCormick XTX 215 E and there is problem with the transmission. At first, the reverse stopped working together with the 1st range - you can choose the range, you can see it on the display chosen or you see the reverse arrow, but nothing happens and the tractor stays on place. A bit later then it wasn't possible to get out of the 2nd range - the tractor moved and moved and only the brakes (and thus engine stopped) helped. After this, only the 2nd range is working, switching to another range is not possible - again, you can see the range chosen (1, 3 or 4 ) on the display, but the machine doesn't move. After that is not possible to switch to 2nd range again - it will show the right number on the display but the machine stands, doesn't move again. And when the transmission oil temperature is between ca 18 - 45 ーC, the tractor chooses the 3rd range on the start automatically and therefore the machine doesn't move from the place at all.
We have tested all the solenoids, they are ok, we have switched the valves of the ranges and no change, we have tested the sensors and their connection. What can it be? We have no new idea.
Thank you, M.
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Drain all the air from your seat and then reset compressor to lift it again to about 1/2 way up.
Worked for MTax 150