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Sep 23, 2001
Southwest Va
Deere X758
I'm looking to purchase the hydraulic dump MCS (material collection system) for my 4400/72" mid deck. Has anyone used one of these? Do they work well (wet grass/etc)? What should I expect to pay? I've got a quote for $3800 from my dealer.
Thanks for any advice!

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Well, the dealer tells me Deere does not support the MCS on the 72" deck. So, I'm looking for other options. I've come accross the PTO driven Trac-Vac. It has the 50 bu trailer and 3pt mounted fan. Plus it is much less expensive. Has anyone used one of these?

Also, I'd like to hear from anyone that has used vacuum systems. How well do they work? What hassles should I expect?

Just some general observations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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I am interested in the collection system, as well. Decided to go with a 60" midmount in case I found one. They ARE expensive and that's why I'm waiting. What did you find for the cost of the trailer collection system? Also, have you compared the fan speed between the PTO version and the MCS from Deere? Let me know. Thanks.

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Hey Bill,

I think the cost for the 50 bu unit, which includes some special mounts because I have R3 tires (??), will be about $1850 or so. Much less than the $3800 Deere wants for the MCS. They (trac-vac) say it will work fine with my 72" deck. The Deere guide says fan speeds up to 4500 RPM's for the MCS. The Trac-Vac WEB site says up to 4000 RPM's. I also noticed the trac-vac has an 8" hose whereas the MCS has a 7".

I like the idea of not having to have a seperate gas engine to run the trac-vac. But, hope my 28 PTO horsepower is enough to pull the 72" deck, blower for the vac and a fully loaded 50 bu cart full of wet grass up my Southwest Va step hills!! I do like the mounting for the MCS better than a cart, even though it is only 13 bu. I paid close attention yesterday as I mowed my yard and I back up a LOT more than I thought I did.

I just don't know...

I wish I knew how well these vacuums work and how much they will slow me down.

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In my case, I'll be collecting LOTS of oak leaves in the fall on part of our 8 acres. The property is bordered by ravines on 2 sides so it would be really easy to back up to the edge and dump from the tractor seat with the MCS. My neighbor has a trailer and he has to get out, open a gate and then fish around a bit to get the leaves out. I'm thinking I would like to not have to do all that, especially as I get older. I'm not ready to die, yet, but basketball knee surgeries are catching up -- we are planning a one level home to "die" in and other plans are for the long-term on this house, hopefully our final one. So.... the MCS seems best, but, Man, what a price!

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I have a PTO Trac-Vac on my MMM 60" on a 4300. The large trailer is great. I can mow about 2A with one load most of the time. There are 2 problems. One my yard has some hill I would like a little more power (HP) Not a real problem, sometimes??. The real problem the grass is really packed into the trailer, the only way I have found to get it out is with a pitch fork. It is a lot of work. The grass sort of weaves itself into a solid piece 6 foot by 3.5 feet by 4 feet. The vac does a good job, it really great for leaves. I have the extra hose to clean fence rows and flower beds.

Mine is model number 854.
Hope this helps. If you have more questions let me know.

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That compaction problem is what is making me think the JD MCS system. When you say extra hose, do you mean that you can hold it somehow and use it something like a traditional vacuum? My neighbor struggles unloading his, too. Do you have the same problem with leaves? Mine will be used mainly in the fall - I usually let my grass go back into the yard.

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That's it gives a portable vac. The mower is shut off just the PTO vac runs. Be careful if you have rocks, it will suck up ones as big as softballs. I do not have a problem with the leaves (mostly Oak and Maple). They do not pack in like the grass. It's great for leaves. I did have problem with the belts. JD Dealer replaced them with Deere belts and they don't slip now.
As for the grass unloading. I have thought of putting rope or cable inside I could them pull it all out at once. Might have to tie it onto a tree and drive away. This would work for the leaves too.
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I am attaching a picture of my 4300 with the Trac-Vacnad I will also send the 2nd with a parts list so you can see how it is made.



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Here is the parts List.


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