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Dec 31, 2008
Kioti DK40SE
Ok we have new members, members, bronze members, silver, gold, platinum etc. So what do they go by for member status? I'm guessing the ammount of posts? Or is it by the ammount of time one has been a member? Just curious really not a big deal to me. It just got me wondering when I discovered I'm now a bronze member :confused::)
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Its based on number of posts, but im not 100% sure what levels are which.
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It is based on the number of posts (both ones you start and those you reply to). There used to be a chart stating how many posts were needed to reach each level in the FAQ page but I don't see it there any more.

If they haven't changed here is the list:
0 New Member
25 Member
50 Bronze Member
100 Silver Member
250 Gold Member
500 Platinum Member
1000 Veteran Member
2500 Elite Member
5000 Super Member
10000 Superstar Member
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Tks for the list i was curious about that. This is one more post towards silver for me.:D:D
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Is there going to a higher category for LBrown59 to achieve?

I think at 20,000 they go to "Epic Contributor" like Bird and Soundguy.