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May 2, 2020
Massey Ferguson 135
Getting ready to pull the trigger on a GC172xxB. But see on the MF website that there is an 1825E that looks to be similar to the JD 2025R. But can稚 find anything on it or specs. Is it a new model held up by Covid or a non US model? Pretty sure the price difference would be more than I would be I interested in, but would at least like to know what痴 out there...or coming out.
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I mentioned that it is on MF website in the original post. Couldn't post links because of the forum rules, so, glad you could post that for me.

Now, does anyone have any info on this that isn't on the MF website? Searches on the web, and this forum, find no mention of it at all. Just curious if anyone had any more info.

The point is moot, since I found a good deal on a GC1723EB yesterday and went ahead and pulled the trigger. But would still like to know more about this model.
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Actually starting to see a few pop up for sale. Really looks like a JD 2025 or Kubota B-series competitor. Looks like it does have "true" position control. Nice package. Would love to see the pricing on these.
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Does the 1825 E have a factory defect concerning the front wheel camber?
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The 1825E is the same as the 1835E and 1840E but with a smaller engine that doesn't need to meet the stringent emmissions requirements. I have not heard of anyone mentioning anything about front wheel camber before - can't comment.