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Gomer pyle

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May 21, 2015
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John Deere 5090E
I recently purchased a 175 (1972 model per the serial number). It has the perkins diesel and an eight speed transmission. The power steering was leaking when I purchased it( rubber hose is bad, trying to find a shop to repair as the hose is discontinued) and does not work steering to the right. I've recently had surgery and am not able to do as much as I would like but am slowly getting it done.
A couple of questions:
1. What fluid goes in the rear planateries(I think non foaming hydro)?
2. How much play is acceptable in the turnbuckle? The larger pin has the most play, which would have more to do with the pitman arm.
3. When I looked at the tractor, there was minimal(a few drips) of oil from the bellhousing. After getting it home, it is pouring from the weep hole. The hydro dipstick shows too much oil(I'm assuming he overfilled before I picked it up, it wasn't that way when I looked at it). Also, he recently cleaned the hydro screen himself. Will I need to split the tractor and put new seals in to fix the leak or will it go away once the oil is to the correct level?
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Rear end, trans hydraulic fluid.

Turnbuckle? I’m not clear what you’re asking.

Correct the level in the transmission and try for awhile. It should stop, but if it doesn’t, then I guess you need to split. Obviously not the most desirable thing to do.
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This is generally what I'm talking about, mine is slightly different. MF manual calls it a turnbuckle.
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That is the correct term, just wasn't enough information to tell me what you were referring to. You want some play in the 3pt otherwise you can break something. You don't want it bowstring tight.
The play you are referring to is in the 3pt or the turnbuckle linkage itself?
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Hopefully this pic will show it. It is the little "Z" shaped piece on top of the cylinder. Most of the play is on the right side where it drops into the pitman arm. There is some where the roll pin attaches to the cylinder


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Ah, gotcha now. As little play as possible, but determine how much is too much, when you turn the wheel left or right, is there a delay in the power steering responding. If you have to muscle the steering some before the power steering kicks in, then you have too much play in the actuator turnbuckle for one OR too much play in the major steering linkage. Most of these systems don't get greased and the main pivot arm and bushing develop a lot of play and slop around too much to make the steering work correctly.
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Steering works great to the left. I have no power steering to the right, I have to muscle it.
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Fine adjustment on the turnbuckle to even out. Then, evaluate if you need to replace parts. The adjustment is very sensitive
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My father had 1 of these, the design of the hydraulic assist is such that the right side will never be as light as the left. A frustrating quirk of design.
Those tractors are from the dry disc brake era, so learn how to drive without brakes. If you have 1 functional brake , a trick is to engage the diff lock and rip the hand brake on as hard as you can to stop in a straight line. There is a knack to it.
Turnbuckle: disassemble and grease anually or they will seize solid.
Good Luck.