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Nov 16, 2018
Proserpine QLD
Massey Ferguson 188, JD 2130, Fiat 650
Hi all. Just installed a new ammeter in the 188. Does anyone know what sort of amps I should be seeing? Looks to be about 12 on a 30 amp gauge. Is this correct? I am getting about 15.2 volts from the generator at the regulator. I adjusted this regulator some time ago when it was not charging and got close to the recommended 14.4 volts. Could have adjusted it more but it does not do hours a day so I think I am pretty safe not boiling the battery. Thanks in advance.
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If you get the volts correct, I wouldn't worry about the amps....When I bought my '67 135 (Cont. gas engine), it was not charging at all (needle was dead in the middle and not moving)...I spent over 2 hours with a volt meter doing adjustments to the regulator until I had it at 13.6 volts (don't need any more if you aren't using lights or other draws)...battery stays charged perfectly and won't boil...just my story...
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Thanks Bob. Yeah I did not know what the generator was meant to charge at, or if I had a sick one. Looking now I wish I would have put a volt meter in instead.
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If you use your battery to start the vehicle the alternator or generator will put out something like nearly full current to charge it. As the voltage in the battery comes up the charge rate will taper off. When the battery arrives back to full charge the charge rate should be zero.