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Nov 16, 2018
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Hi guys. Long time follower but haven稚 posted much. I am chasing a wiring diagram for the lighting circuit of a Massey 188. Mine has been cut to pieces by a previous owner so there痴 a lot of wires connected to nothing. I recently got a new generator and got the regulator sorted out so it has power to charge the battery now at least!
Apologies if this doesn稚 belong here. I posted it under the Massey Ferguson tab yesterday but haven稚 had any replies yet. Thanks!
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Has it factory lights?

A lot of 100 series came without lights and was retrofitted whit it at the dealer, but it's a very simple thing and it may be quicker to just rip out all old wires to the lights and rebuild. Do you have several fuses to the light or just on big for all?
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Yes it has all headlights, taillights, and the rear work light as standard. I have a feeling I will run new wires to suit all. What gauge wire do you suggest to run for headlights? It does not have any fuse box I say it has been removed when wires got cut off. The headlight switch is still there but no wires join the terminals. Not sure which terminal lug goes to which wire/loom. The key has been replaced with a push button start which is ok.
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A lot of these had only one fuse hanging on the wire from starter/battery and no fuse box.

Usually everything is switched in the lightswitch and no relays, a new wire loom for everything except lights are quite cheap and can save a lot of time and reduse fire hazards if all is worn out and farmer fixed.