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Oct 3, 2000
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Has anybody used the product Mo-Deck? This is a polymer spray that is applied (spray can) to the underside of the mower deck and it should keep the grass from accumulating. Last year I started using diesel fuel/motor oil mixture sprayed on the deck and had good results. Thanks, Rich
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Haven't seen or heard of that one, Rich, although I, too, use diesel (75%) and motor oil (25%) for that purpose.

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Must be something new.
I have heard people useing Pam food spray before,but I use WD40 and seems to work fine.

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Thomas, I thought WD-40 ought to work, too, but it didn't work very well for me. By the way, do you know where the name "WD-40" came from?

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If I got this right, /w3tcompact/icons/shocked.gif the name for WD40 means...<font color=blue>W<font color=blue><font color=black>ater Displacement was perfected on the <font color=black><font color=blue>40<font color=blue><font color=black>th try.

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"WD-40 is (surprise, surprise) the 40th formulation of a Water-Displacement product created for use in missile silos at the request of Big Uncle. An enterprising engineer, finding how much of the stuff disappeared with co-workers, contacted the company that made it and persuaded them to package and sell it on the civilian market.

And you thought your tax dollars were spent foolishly!

Properly used, WD-40 penetrates and loosens stick parts, dissolves dried greases, and displaces water, reducing rusting. It works as a light lubricant for a time, but the lighter molecules evaporate, leaving a sticky residue which attracts dust and binds small parts.

It's great for "renewing" ammo cans, and will remove label
adhesive from anything, including computer floppy disks"

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Yep, Thomas, that's what I'd heard about the origin of the name. And Dave, how did we ever get along without it?