Modifying ROPS - wrong, right?

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Apr 19, 2019
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I just bought a canopy yesterday afternoon, from the dealer who sold me my NH tractor 3 months ago. It's sturdy and nice, but not NH brand. It's supposed to bolt onto the ROPS with U bolts. But I'm looking at mounting it, and it obviously can't fit the ROPS because on one side there is a bracket welded to the outside of the ROPS right where the plate of the canopy frame goes. I think this bracket is for a beacon -- somebody on the NH forum suggested this, and it looks right. The bracket is probably a 2" square that sticks out maybe 3/4". There is nowhere near enough room for the plate either above or below the bracket because it'd be on the bend, or on the foldover hinge.

I'm going to speak to the dealer about this when they open Monday, or as soon as I can find the time.

But meanwhile I'm curious what you all have to say about the possibility of grinding this bracket off of the ROPS. On the plus side, mechanically it looks like that should work, and my guess is that any rollover accident that the ROPS would have saved me in, it would still save me after grinding this thing off.

But on the minus side, how rotten would it be to do any cutting on a brand new tractor's ROPS? Even if my guess that it would still save me is correct?

Besides, it would certainly be a pain to grind this thing off, and I doubt it'd turn out all that neatly. I would aim for leaving the ROPS tubing looking perfectly flat like it was, but I'm not that likely to succeed.

It does look like I could add spacers to stand the bracket off of the ROPS enough to clear this bracket, but I'm not sure that wouldn't put a mounting nut right on the spot where the plate is spanning between spacers. It's also possible to order the NH brand FOPS designed for this tractor, and check in advance that there's no interference problem for it. There are nice solid little blocks already welded to the front of the ROPS and I bet their ROPS relies on those for a solid mount. Besides the dealer tells me the FOPS is way more than the $612 I paid for the canopy.

I'm inclined to adopt a "don't modify the ROPS" policy.

What do you all think?
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I would NOT modify the ROPS! That being said, as you stated, cutting the bracket or grinding it will not reduce the protection of the ROPS as long as you do NOT modify the ROPS.
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Does grinding a weldment off of the ROPS count as "modifying"? I think it's inevitable that some small amount of ROPS tubing would get ground away.

It occurs to me that I could also get a hole milled in the canopy mounting bracket to fit around the weldment.
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I would not modify the ROPS under any circumstances. There is also a weight limit of things that are bolted (via u-bolts) to it, check mfgrs specs for that.

Having said that, your proposed modification should not cause any issues, but from a strictly liability standpoint I would not modify the ROPS under any circumstances, especially if you let someone else ever operate your tractor.

And, Yes, grinding, drilling, welding, etc all count as modifications.
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Just my 2 cents that a new canopy from the dealer to go on a new tractor should NOT need you to grind anything. I know I am ignoring your "should I modify the ROPs" question. But I think that is the wrong questions. I would ask why you would have to do anything when you paid for a new canopy for your new tractor. You are being very nice. I don't think the dealer would be as willing to work as hard to "modify" your payment for the canopy if it was not what was agreed.
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Cut the bracket off, mount your canopy, and NEVER roll or flip the tractor! No problem! ;)
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I’d cut that SOB off there in a New York second if it was in the way. Do you think the ROPs is stronger with that bracket attached to it??? Are you worried someone is going to sue you??
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In my job before retirement I had to answer that question numerous times. From the manufacturer standpoint I had to stand pat on no drilling, welding, cutting, grinding. But then it’s your tractor and common sense falls into place. I’d cut it close, grind smooth, paint and move on. I felt sick having to tell a dealer he had to replace 5 ROPS on machines he had taken in trade because the customer had drilled a series of small holes in a post to mount clamps for wiring. I checked with our ROPS certified and they would not give an okay without recertification. It’s a “cover my ass” scenario. Make the job neat and nobody will ever notice when you trade.
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Does grinding a weldment off of the ROPS count as "modifying"? I think it's inevitable that some small amount of ROPS tubing would get ground away.

It occurs to me that I could also get a hole milled in the canopy mounting bracket to fit around the weldment.

Yes it would be considered a modification. And you would void any warranty.

I wouldnt recommend modifying the ROPS. If you are careful and use a hacksaw and a hand file you can remove the offending weldement WITHOUT touching the ROPS tubing. Dont use power tools because it will be easy to remove too much material or add too much heat to the area.