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Jan 28, 2006
Montana 3040
The manual on my new Montana leaves a little to be desired. I don't quite have the Korean syntax down straight. When using the draft control lever, do you rotate the lever above the top link to the left when using draft control? The manual says "Remove the hydraulic sensor lever of the upper link bracket"
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Hello Woodsman. Just filp the link it to left.

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Thanks Maka. I sure wish Montana would have someone from the US review their North American manuals to make them easier to understand.
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I heard several dealers bring this up at the dealer meeting and Montana said it was in the works and would happen. I can't give a time frame but it is something that is being worked on.

In the mean time, if you have any questions I am sure we can help out here.

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Could someone post a picture maybe? I'm afraid I'll FUBAR something if I'm not sure.

I've been thinking about using draft control to help when I'm box blading by gravel drive.

Is this a good application for draft control?
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Draft control is draft control no matter what make of tractor it's on. I sure don't know about the interlock on your tractor but, when using draft control or draft/position mixed, The linkage on the top mount of the TPH (where the top link attached to the tractor) is slightly movable and connects to the hydraulic to allow the lower arms to pull an implement from the ground if it encounters an object or if the implement hits a soil condition that is harder to pull through.

Usually, the lower the top link is placed on the upper mount (lower or lowest hole), the more sensitive the draft control is. The higher holes nullify the effect of the sensing linkage. The draft control works for box blade work, especially on uneven ground by allowing the box blade to float over ridges and fill low spots.

As a rule, I set my draft control lever parallel with my position control lever on my M9. When using non-draft implements like a PHD or bale spear, I have the draft lever fully forward but your setup may differ from mine.
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Thanks Daryl.