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I do remember speaking to you on the phone.
It is not too late to take a drive to Depew and check us out.
It is rare for us to get a used 15' Batwing,however, we are a Woods dealer and sell them new. I'll PM you on the prices.

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Do you sell heavy duty Gannon box blades? I have been looking at a heavy duty 72 inch hydraulic ripper box blade. If you could, shoot me a price. I think that woods carries a good box blade as well, shoot me a price on a woods model with the same specs. I would sure appreciate it.

Thanks, Gavin
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I have the 5740C too and really think Montanas are a quality tractor!! I'm real satisfied with mine and I've had it since about Feb 05.

Hi to Maka and Dancee...... two real knowledgeable men and Montana dealers!!
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Woods bought Gannon a few years ago. We do have them available.
I thought I had PMed you , but I cannot find where I did.
I will get you the price today.

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Hey I never got the price on that woods box blade. I might bring my tractor up there to you here in the near future. My hazard flashers are not working properly, as well as the draft lever on my machine does not function,(or I don't know how to make it function /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif. Anyway, just thought I would give you fair warning.
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Bring it on. Will be looking forward to seeing you.
(I can't seem to get a PM out to you---I guess I need to contact the moderator's)

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Yes, I own a 4940, I like it so far. I had a few hydraulic problems, but they seem to be fixed now thanks to the warranty. Should the draft lever do anything when my mower is attached? I am not familiar with the draft lever, so I don't know if seperate hydraulics have to be hooked up or not. I don't have any pictures yet. Where is your dealership located Maka?
To anyone out there, what is a good, but affordable box cutter, and approximately what is the price.

JC7622, if you don't mind telling, where did you purchase your 5740C
The draft lever does very little if anything on my 2006, 4950