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Nov 11, 2005
Montana 4940
If anyone has a 4940, I would like to hear your comments on the machines performance.
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I have a 5740C and am happy with it so far (70 hrs.).

Edmond, OK
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Excellent tractor. I know there are many out there. Do you have one or just looking? By your profile it looks like you are an owner. If you have one, do you have any pictures?

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Yes, I own a 4940, I like it so far. I had a few hydraulic problems, but they seem to be fixed now thanks to the warranty. Should the draft lever do anything when my mower is attached? I am not familiar with the draft lever, so I don't know if seperate hydraulics have to be hooked up or not. I don't have any pictures yet. Where is your dealership located Maka?
To anyone out there, what is a good, but affordable box cutter, and approximately what is the price.

JC7622, if you don't mind telling, where did you purchase your 5740C
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I bought mine at the local dealer, Trailer Depot in OKC. Unfortunately I just learned that they are going to quit selling Montanas (and maybe tractor all together) so I need to find a new dealer. I hope the warranty is still OK. The last time I had it in their shop for warranty work, they did something to short out the front wiper motor and now the front wiper doesn't work. They were too busy to fix it at the time so told me to bring it back later and they would repair it then. I also had an issue with the 50 hour service and what had and had not been done. I hope I don't get stuck in the middle.

Where did you buy yours?

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i would think that any Montana dealer, would be more than happy to service & repair your tractor. that's just business to us. We have personally repaired a different dealer's customers Montana tractor. never thought twice. We feel that if you take on a Line of tractor,and the labor is covered. Why not! Just think if you bought a new Ford truck & then moved 1500 miles away& you had to take it back to the selling dealer for warranty work. What a Drag!!!!
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I purchased mine at Trailer Depot as well. I had some hydraulic problems with my tractor, but after three times of going to Tr. Depot it never got fixed. They stopped servicing tractors after that. To make a long story short, I took it down to KMD Tractors in Davis and they fixed it right. I have put 30 hours on it since they worked on it, and it seems that the problem is fixed. It sure would be nice if Montana would get another dealer in the city with reliable mechanics so that us metro area Montana owners won't have to drive so far for service. The warranty works at all other Montana dealers as far as I know. It worked down at Davis.
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jc7622 and Gavman,

We can take care of your Montana needs.

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Depew would be a good choice because there are several wineries to stop at in Lincoln County along the way.
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Dan, I think I spoke with you on the phone back when I was looking at tractors. Everyone's prices were similar so I went with the closest dealer. I did, however, wonder if I was making the right move buying a tractor from a dealer that wasn't really in the tractor business. I almost drove over to Depew simply for the fact that you are a real tractor dealer and have more experience with tractors.

One of the things I did before I bought my tractor was go back in the shop at the local dealer and talk to their mechanic. He appeared to have experience fixing tractors. The next time I went back he wasn't there any more.

I have an implement question. Do you ever get any used 15' batwing mowers?