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Why do you guys always do this instead of just answering the questions? I never once said anything about the quality of the tractor. Never put it down. Just questioned what you were saying about the company. How is that not constructive discussion? All I did was ask for your sources to show that this was a quality tractor. I asked for the website to show the awards. Why is that taken as criticism? Can you explain why everything LG at American is in the good instead of the best category? You are the one that stated at the first of this discussion that you had some worthwhile information about these tractors. What is that? There's nothing to be defensive about I'm just asking questions. If this is somehow a tractor company and not just rebadged tractors from another place please provide the info. I think these are legitimate questions of a new product on the market.
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All I can say is you guys really have me stumped now. I broke down and got a price on some of the JDs today, the dealer is really pushing the HSTs and doesn't carry many shuttle shifters, or maybe they are limiting that to the Ten series, which is being replaced by the 3000 series and the numbering for ALL of them is all screwy, (see Muhammad's JD Twenty review for help)

JD4320 48 hp HST TL 73" $27,000, ($700 off in February)
JD4410 35 hp HST TL 61" $23,000 ditto

Kubota 43 hp L4330 GST/HST TL 72" $23,200/23,700
Kubota 38 hp L3830 $21,500/22,000

LG Farmtrac 39 hp 360DTC/SS $17,900 SS-Shuttle Synchro

Montana 45 hp 4540 SS TL $18,250
Montana 38 hp 3840 SS TL $15,877
Montana 43 hp 4340c SS TL $23,900 includes FULL CAB AC
last years model (in blue) TL $21,900 I am guessing the cab adds $6,ooo to the base price so its about $18,000 for the 4340 TL SS MODEL

Even allowing for the differences in configuration, you have to admit that the LG Montanas, (as currently priced), are at least $5000 less than the major competition, and $2K less than the Long. You can either save a lot of money or pay for a lot of repairs with $5000 in the bank.

Has anyone who has used a Deere or Kubota used an LG, (used, not sold)?? Or perhaps more likely, has anyone who has used a Montana had experience using the competition? How about some conversation for those of us who don't have years of experience in the seat and need advice on , how they handle, how the transmission feels, ease of shifting, ease of operation, design issues, maintenance pros and cons etc etc etc. ****, I don't even have enough experience to ask to right questions. So how about a pro con analysis of the features of the LG/Montana/Farmtrac tractors versus their competition. then we can debate what they will each be worth in 10 years and the relative cost to own,maintain, and enjoy, minus the hassle factor, in that time frame. Nothing worse than watching it rust.
The bottom line for many of us is that we will probably only own one or two tractors and all we really need is to get our moneys worth, (whatever that means), out of the machine while we own it. Even if that means having bragging rights in the neighborhood. Hey....I get it that's what this is all about!!!!!!!!

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<font color="blue"> I recently had a conversation with my brother-in-laws fathers brothers son who's friend works for a large vendor that supplies parts for a company you deal with. He says you've got your head buried in the sand just like two other companies did 20 years ago when a particular Japanese tractor company of orange descent made their presence known in the US marketplace.

Now THAT is funny!!!!! (Touche' ,Mr. Messick)

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After reading these posts, I woud like to assure those dealers,and especially the customers that have purchased Montana tractors, that you are not short of grey matter between the ears.
Both Cowboydoc and Messick (even though they are not bashing Montanas), have stated they would not buy from a company that is trying to sell them a "washing machine or a cell phone". (These statements come from one, who owns a half a dozen JD's and over 5000 acres, and the other, a large New England based New Holland dealer.)
I think the point of mentioning LG's other products, is that LG is a relatively large and and financially successful global company, that also has an agricultural machinery division. Yes, they outsource components for the tractors they sell (ie:Mitsubishi engines), but so what? Outsourcing components for tractors is common in today's world economy. John Deere is very good at it.
The bottom line is that these tractors are a very good value for the money----we have customers come in every day who recognize that fact--even though they have never before seen or heard of an LG Montana tractor.
I purchased one for my small farm/ranch operation for use as a general purpose utility tractor----and I know I am not short of grey matter---at least, when it envolves utility tractor values. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif



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Can't answer much about Cowboydoc. Don't know if he has 5, 50, 500, or 5000 acres. I would agree that John Deere seems to be his favorite.. Messick, a large New Holland dealer in New England? Please, spare us.. /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif
South of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, most of us here, do not consider part of New England.. We consider that New Jersey,. western counties /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">(
Both Cowboydoc and Messick (even though they are not bashing Montanas), have stated they would not buy from a company that is trying to sell them a "washing machine or a cell phone". (These statements come from one, who owns a half a dozen JD's and over 5000 acres, and the other, a large New England based New Holland dealer.) )</font>

I'm a Pennsylvania based NH and Kubota dealer who tends to stick his nose into some coversations he does not belong. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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Oops, I should have looked at a map. Southeastern PA. is even more "south" than where I grew up in east central Ohio!!!
Sorry, about that----my old high school geography teacher did accuse me of being short of grey matter between the ears in his class. /forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif

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I just joined this site and was interested in finding a conversation about this very subject, Montana Tractors. I had been looking at, and seriously considering, a Case JX65/cab, and then came across these Montana tractors. I had no idea of the who, or what, etc about these tractors until I started to dig.

Of course their price is good, compariably, as has already been talked about extensively! I was interested in their quality. Thanks to this thread and posters like ( especially) maka and dancee too, I think I've got some of those questions answered! I thank you for that!!

I've been looking on e-bay and made a couple of phone calls. I believe I'm going to buy the Montana 5740C!! Dancee, I will be PMing you too for a price quote, since you seem closer to me than any other dealers. (Hope I can say that in here)

Thanks for all the info folks.
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Welcome Jim,

If I can be of any assistance please let me know. I am confident you will be very pleased with the 5740C as it is a great tractor.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Thanks for the Welcome Maka.

I look forward to learning a bunch about the Montana tractor, both from personal use and discussions in here.