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Sep 23, 2001
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Hello everyone,

Just received my 3720 cab over the weekend. I'm very pleased with the machine. I think Deere has done a great job on the cab. I can't believe how quiet it is and how smooth the eHydro is. I'm moving up from a 4400 (mechanical hydro) and while it is taking some getting used to, I think I'm going to like the feel and features of the eHydro. At first, I kinda missed the "feedback" from the mechanical hydro, but I'll get over that soon enough /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

The LoadMatch is great. I can't see any reason to not use it all of the time.

I do have the automotive cruise upgrade and I have a question about the MotionMatch setup. I hope someone can help me.

I understand how the MotionMatch switch functions. Up for quicker response, down for slower response. What I don't understand is how to change the setting for it. I've read the OM and tried to follow the instructions. I can get to the point in the setup on how to change the settings. But, and maybe I don't understand how it works, I can only seem to change one setting. I assumed I could setup both the "LONG_D" and the "SHORT_D". Meaning, I assumed I could set the response for both positions on the switch. It appears I can only set one option. If I use the signal switch to scroll up through the settings (above 5), it is listed as LONG. Then, I can use the switch to scroll down through the settings (below 5) and it is listed as SHORT. So what I'm asking is, is this custom setting just allowing me to tailor the overall behavior of MotionMatch, then I just use the switch to change between long and short? Or, should I be able to set both options for Long and Short? And also, I can't seem to tell any difference in accel/decel of the tractor with the switch in either position.

Does this make any kind of sense?

Thanks for any help!
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The installation of the motion match switch also requires the instrument panel to be reconfigured. Check with your dealer to make sure that this was done when the upgrade kit was installed. From what you describe, I suspect this step may have been missed.
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Thank you.

I have the installation instructions from the dealer and will review them tonight.

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My 3720 Motion Match is changed exactly as you describe. I believe there is only one setting, short thru long (1 thru 9). I don't see a lot of difference in the different settings.

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You won't see much difference until you use it under load.

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Hey Roger,

Went through the steps to change the dash panel setup. That fixed it! Now I can set both the Long and Short rollout. Now, I can tell a difference in the response to the 2 switch positions. I set LONG to 9 and SHORT to 1. Thanks for the advice.

Shooter, if you don't have the instructions, I'll email you the setup routine for the dash that will enable both settings. That is provided you have the automotive cruise upgrade.

Chuck, I can image I'll be able to tell more difference once I put it under load. I was just playing with it in the driveway this evening.

Thanks again,
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Thanks Chris but I do not have the automotive type setup ( mistake on my part when ordering)