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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
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Does anyone have experience with "Shake Away" rodent repellant. It seems to get some good reviews. I've been insulating and finishing the inside of my pole barn but won't get time to replace the exterior siding until next spring. It's got a lot of rust through and I'm concerned about mice taking up residence between the siding and insulation. I need something that I can put on the ground outside that will last a reasonable period of time.
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You might want to smell it first. It is either fox or coyote urine. I have used the powder and it is fragrant. I don't know if the granules are stronger or just last longer.

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I'm not familiar with that product but will read up later on. I have learned that you want to be careful about putting this kind of product directly where you don't want the critters as it attracts them to it (that's how it works) and that's not really what you want. You want them to stay away. Put something like moth balls where you really don't want them and put the poison some distance away where it will attract them to, to feed on it.

There have been some good threads on the subject of controlling mice and rats.
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Peppermint oil works. They hate it.