Mower Stand V2.0

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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
Here's another mower stand. A number of years ago I built one using pipe for axles and wheels. It was fine for storage, but awkward to move around because it didn't steer. This year I took the time to build one out of Harbor Freight furniture movers. This one also has the advantage of requiring no welding or machine work. The bars are 18 inch long 1/2" pipe with pipe caps. The supports are scrap 2x6. I drilled the pipe to allow the pins to keep the deck from moving on the pipes. The cost would be less than $50, a lot less if you have scrap or can find things on sale.

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Nice job!
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Please look the other way while I steal your idea, simple and easy design. I have been scrounging around to find metal to make one and for some reason never gave wood a thought.
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Not exactly the same idea but this allows me to be able to pick up the deck and sit it on a shelf out of the way. I also can use it when sharpening blades or cleaning the bottom of the deck. don't have pallet forks so this was the next best option.
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My attempt at as cheap as possible. I used NOS 2X4's, a couple of 1.5 inch U bolts, a 4 pack of casters, some lag screws and 1/4" bolts and came up with this. The pipe is 1" thin wall conduit (1 3/16 OD). Lift the mower, loosen the U-bolts and pull it apart. Just make sure you put the swivels at the same end.