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Jul 21, 2021
North East Texas
I am looking for tractors in this size range and I am puzzled by these models. Here is what I see on their site.

HP - advantage 347 by 2 HP
PTO HP - advantage 347 by 1.7 HP
Weight - advantage 347 by 145 lbs
3pt capacity - advantage 345e by 155 lbs
Fuel tank - 345e by 3.1 gallons
Wheelbase - advantage 347 by 5.3 inches
Height - advantage 347 - 5 inches shorter
Width - advantage 345e - 12 inches wider
Length - advantage 345e - 8 inches shorter
Loader lift height - advantage 345e - 1.9 inches
Loader capacity - advantage 347 - 493 lbs
Price - advantage 345e - $3151 cheaper

What am I missing? It seems the 347 is better, but 10% better?
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Tire sizes and transmission options may vary between them, not that either was mentioned .. or matters that much?
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Thanks, I forgot, the 347 has a 16x16 vs 8x8 for the 345e.

I have not been collecting tire size data as I am not sure what I would consider better or worse. I am open to learn about what to look for...
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The 347 is there premium model with all the upgrades , Sliding lower links on the 3 pt ,dual rear remotes, Fuel tank under the step instead of up on the back end .There are several other small features that you get on the 347,
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That's what I want to know. The dual rear remotes are what. $800-1200?
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Does the 45 have a suspension seat?
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Spend the money and get the extras. The money is gone forever. What you enjoy every day are the upgrades you wisely selected in the 347. I just proved that to myself (again) this year taking a beating on a near new tractor lacking things I really needed/wanted and trading it in on one that had them. It was just a couple of days ago I was getting things done around the farm and congratulated myself for the decision to trade......the financial transaction was in the distant past.
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I believe it does have the suspension seat.