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Sep 12, 2001

I'm common with the most Guys around here. Buy older Stuff, save money for other things. We do so all the Years, and we are very satisfied with our decition. Why buy an expensive compact, if there is a cheaper Standard tractor in a low HP-range. About Power-steering:Nice Thing, indeed, but what did a Farmer 40 Years ago? I have a german McCormick IH with 58HP, cost me 1750$, no loader, also other stuff, most used, and money for cigarettes and beer left :)). Maybe I'm able to post a pic here.

Bernhard, Derichsweiler,Germany


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Sep 27, 2005
Great looking tractors! One of our neighbors had a Oliver Super 55 that I drove a bit when I was a kid and thought it was an OK tractor.....very different from our pre-war John Deeres. I've been reading through the responses here and would add that when you do set about acquiring a vintage tractor, you need to be clear in your mind as to what your intentions are since some of the early agricultural tractors are limited in the number of "conveniences" that they have on them. We've just recently bought a 1952 JD Model A and I understood from the get-go that it would never be a three-point tractor, or have live PTO, or live hydraulics. Since I grew up on these tractors, I know how to work around those limitations, but they are......limitations, and to have an antique as your only tractor does put you back a few years in terms of productivity and convenience. I bought the JD because I LIKE it, and KNOW it, but making a daily workhorse out of a very old tractor is not for everybody. The mid fifties was about where everything changed over to two-stage clutches, and live hydraulics, so for mowing and doing chores with three-point implements, it is SO MUCH easier if you have a tractor that is "modern" use the term loosely. Dave


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Nov 19, 2000
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Dave, you got some good points. My thoughts are no matter what you have, there will be something out there that is easier to use, safer, and more comfortable. My Thought is if you got nothing to compare it to, you don't know they are limitations. Like for me. I am working with an old garden tractor. Sleeve hitch, no PTO. An old Ford, or Ferguson will be a HUGE step up it capability.