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May 20, 2004
Big Island, HI
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What is the perforated metal used in the bonnet/grill of many tractors. Same stuff seems to be in my LS, was in my Case DX and I need to repair/replace a small piece on front on my Kioti.

Here is a side panel of same
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Perforated metal?
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Yea, think it may be called perforated, not expanded, but curious how to get same gauge and hole pattern

Wonder if in a hardware store? Didn’t find at HD.
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Your metal supplier should have all sizes. I buy it by the sheet but they can shear up whatever you need.

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Thanks, guys
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Yes, expanded metal is something different. It is actually expanded, or stretched, in manufacturing. They cut little slits, then pull them open. This puts all the solid parts on a tilt, too. Then they may also calender this through rollers to flatten it again, or may leave them tilted, which creates more of a tread grip. Perforated metal manufacture creates a zillion little disks of scrap. Expanded metal manufacture doesn't create anything like that.