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Dec 8, 2007
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My Super C is used for tractor rides in the summer with a local group and some of the rides are two hours in the hot sun. I use a big hat now but it's not enough. There are two other choices and I can't decide which is more functional and practical in the wind of driving on the road at 11 mph with cross drafts.

One is the tractor umbrella but I've heard not good in the wind.

The other choice is the buggy top shown below. There are two sizes. Either would work with an axle mount but I'm not sure would look right with my Super C.
The smaller size--narrower--would look better on the tractor but people tell me they are hard to get under them. Plus, wearing a hat would be harder.

I'm looking for anyone that knows more than I do or maybe has or has seen a shade on a Super C. Below are some examples I got off the net. Any advice appreciated.

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I feel your pain. My first tractor (1951 Ford 8n that I still have) was open station. I never realized the damage that the hot old summer sun was causing me, until I got my third one. My second was a Ford model 2110 and it was equipped with a big fiberglass ROP’s canopy.

My third tractor was a brand new open-station John Deere 4120. The first time I took it out under the hot sun, I knew I needed a canopy. The factory and aftermarket ones all seemed too small and were expensive.

I made my own with canvas over wood frame construction. It took me about an hour to make and it has worked great for about the last 15 years. The canvas was recovered from an old tent camper that my brother in law scrapped.

The frame is made from wood 2x4’s mostly ripped into 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 cross section (except for the one bolted to the top of the roll bar).

I made it as wide as the tractor wheel width in the back, and tapered it towards the front, so it wouldn’t hang up on branches. I also gave it some depth, so that it works good earlier and later in the day, when the sun is not directly overhead. It also does a very good job of keeping the rain off of me.


Maybe you could make something similar for your C. Certainly it is a lot easier if you have a roll bar to build off of. I do think there are aftermarket roll bars available for the old Farmall.
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Thank you, wolc123 Yours sure keeps the sun off and that's the object. :)
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Good ideas for a normal tractor but the older Farmalls look better with the styles shown in my first post. I think they both would take the 10mph speed of a parade ride and also block the sun and still look good. I wish I could find someone with a Super C or similar and either an umbrella or buggy top sunshade that could fill me in better with personal experience.
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OK. I'm the OP and here's what I did. I bought a Snowco sunshade from Shoup Mfg and put it on yesterday. I got it done and it looks great. Dermatologist approved. :)

The hardest part was where to drill holes in the fender. I didn't want to but no other option. Assembly was easy and then out for a test drive. No problem with a 10mph speed and no problem with 10mph combined with 10mph and 3/4 frontal wind. It's rugged and I could remove the top as unit in maybe 2 minutes if I wanted.

Parades and tractor drives start soon and I'll be out of the sun finally.


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looks sharp - nicely done!
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