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There has been lots of good advice here. Some of it might even be applicable to your situation. Many people new to tractors come in with either little idea of what they are going to do or too many ideas for one machine. They also come in with too little budget for the desires. That means it is REALLY important to prioritize the needs and wants. There isn't one machine that will do ALL the things you want really well.

For a tractor size, weight, features, comfort, horsepower all matter, but for different tasks.

Many people say bigger is better. For many tasks that is true. Weight is really important for getting traction, so more is better. Unless, you have a lot of soft ground that you don't want messed up. My B2620, which is on the small size of tractors, will mess up the lawn just by riding over it a few times. It takes weeks to get back to normal. So, get something that is heavy enough to provide the traction you need for the tasks you have in mind and plan on not driving over soft areas that matter to you.

There is also the physical size. As you get bigger, the ground clearance is greater. This is good for many tasks. But, it can make the tractor feel/be tippy. This can be very dangerous on any kind of side slope. My B2620 feels unsafe on anything greater than about 10 degrees, which is not very much on my property.

Length and turning circle get bigger as tractors get bigger. If you have a wide open property, it might not matter. I have 4 to 8 feet wide trails on my property. That is not enough room to turn around. My tractor needs at least 18 feet (assuming I lift the bucket and have nothing on in the back) to turn around. I have to travel to the turnaround spot or drive backwards.

Horsepower, you don't need a lot for many tractor tasks. You do for things that use the PTO, like snowblowing or mowing. I have 26HP and never felt I needed more, but I don't have a snowblower or mower for my tractor.

It is a difficult choice and you will likely discover things you wish you knew/had considered before your purchase. For me it was position control and quick attach for the bucket. I finally purchased a quick attach for my bucket and highly recommend that. Position control is not possible to add after the fact, but is potentially helpful for using 3PH grading implements.

Implements are the other thing that add cost, but can be added later. I love my grading scraper for my driveway, but I now also have a rear blade and am getting another one that tilts and extends.
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I'm surprised there wasn't many comments about the Tacoma. I have a 1/4 mile driveway in central NH with a steep section. I have a 2000 Tundra with a plow that I have been using since it was new. It is now my dedicated plow/woods truck so it wears rear chains year round. I think a Tacoma is way too small for Vermont, especially with a hill. You will have to plow everytime the snow reaches about 6". You will not be able to wait until it's done snowing when getting much more than that. That means middle of the night sometimes. My Tundra struggles coming back up the hill, pushing snow when I let it get a little too deep. How did you get the F250 stuck? Will the same thing happen with the Tacoma? With less power to get out. Even if the F250 is not the truck you go forward with; I think you need at least an F150 or similar. If seeing right behind you is a problem, take the tailgate off.
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sell the truck, keep the zero turn mower. Exploring the market for used tractor could be a option as well if you could find one fairly new with low hours on it that fits your needs...
Sound like updating the truck would be a good idea if you could get away with a 1500 you would save a lot on maintenance, operating and purchase cost … not sure if you could have your V plow on a 1500 tho … setting up that V plow on a tractor could be a option... when you say you are pretty hard on your equipment, you might want to get conscious of that with your tractor to minimize your repair cost ….also remember maintenance is the key for longevity and low repair cost of your equipment, this is huge for heavy equipment.
For a new tractor for me the brand or how close the dealer is doesn't matter too much. The service, the warranty and how they interact with you is worth gold for me getting the tractor you want with shitty service is less than ideal event if the dealer is in front of your house. Cabs are nice I agree but for the price difference wearing a snow suite with a full face snowmobile helmet could be options. you got lots of good comment above. Don't rush the purchases make sure your tractor will fit your future needs
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BOOM! And just like that I'm the proud new owner of an LX2610 with FEL, 3rd function valve & box scraper. :cool: Going to keep the zero turn and, for now, the crappy plow truck. It's in stock at a sister dealership 90min from my house so should be delivered soon. YAY!

I'm going to get this (hopefully I can find something similar but lighter) or this to fulfill the function of the backhoe that I originally wanted.

Thanks for the help everyone! Couldn't have done it without you!
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Congratulation! Post pictures when you get it home!
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I have respect for Kioti. Problem is, some of their Dealers are, quite frankly, amateur hour. But that's to be expected when you're dealing with a company that's trying to get a footing in a big market.
Happily my dealer has been xlnt!
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Many many questions there; hard to focus a reply. I've owned nothing but Kiotis and have loved them. If you're on a budget and leery of JD prices (not just to buy, but to maintain), I'd certainly go with a Kioti. But obviously I'm biased. Are you physically strong? Or have a close close friend who is? That really helps when dealing with tractors, such as in attaching and detaching implements. I have hugely strong hands and forearms for which I thank God, and I don't know how I'd do half of what I do without them. A tractor and implement won't do it all for you automatically, far from it. Anyway, think about that before you plunk down $25k or $35k on a tractor.
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Congrats on the new tractor.

Post some pics when you get it home.

We like tractor pics.
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Congratulations to your decision.

Are we all invited for a test drive when you get it?