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Jul 5, 2005
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Anyone have any good experiences and longevity with a particular brand of battery that you would recommend for the PT..

The one in my PT is going on 4 years old so want to install a new one before winter sets in. I see with my Kohler engine, I'll need to remove the exhaust to get the old one out and replace with new gaskets. So want to make sure this is a really good long lasting battery.

Thanks in advance..
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Are you having problems with the current battery? If not why replace it? I would just ensure that the cells are topped off with distilled water as you lose water during charging. As such there is really no such thing as a maintenance free lead acid battery. You should check levels and keep it topped off with distilled water.

I had my 1980 Subaru wagon shipped from Hawaii to San Francisco in Dec of '80 (was transferring to Ballston Spa NY) and it arrived with a dead battery. Charged it up and had it tested, I was told it should be replaced. Since I was going to spend some time at my Aunt's in Roseville CA for a few days I figure I could do it then. It was about 100 miles (all freeway) I did not see a problem.

Long story short, drove to NY killed the battery a few more time due to leaving lights on. Still using original battery when wife wrecked the car in Jan of 85.

They will last a lot longer then the warranty if properly maintained.

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I used to use Sears Diehard, but they aren't what they used too be. I now use Innerstate, just replaced the diesel zero-turn it was a 2005.
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Yes. I have had a good experience with a battery in my PT425. The original died after 6-7 years. I replaced it with Duralast 51-DLG sold at Autozone 500CCA. 2001 PT425 with the Kohler command engine, Kohler muffler in the rear. Hydraulic PTO pumps in rear, tram pump in front of the engine. The main reason I went with it was when the original died I wanted the one that would fit in the same space with the most cold cranking amps and this is what I got. It died 5-6 years later. I took it back and they checked my account record, saw it was still under warranty and sold me a replacement battery at the price I paid for the original, plus a little off for pro-rating 5 years of service. That was in 2013. They sold it to me for the same price I paid for it, which was about $50, not the current price, which was about $100!

Anyhow, it fits in the space I had, it starts my Kohler at -5 degrees, it lasts 6 years on average, Autozone is really good about keeping warranty records and I'd buy another one for the third time. :thumbsup:

YIKES! They're up to $138 now! :eek:
Duralast Gold/Battery 51-DLG at

Anyhow, worth checking out. Measure twice, take it back and measure again. I'd say get the biggest one that will fit your space. ;)
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I've had decent luck with Interstates and Deka's a crapshoot..I've got a 10 yr old OEM Deka on my Dixie Chopper lawn mower that doesn't get used 5 months of the year,it's never had a charger put on it and never not started the yanmar diesel. ..
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I had exceptional luck with a gel-cell purchased from a local tire company - Les Schwab. Lasted eleven years in previous tractor. Of course, they no longer carry the gel-cell and never found out who actually made the battery. Now all my new batteries are AGM.

Starting this last spring, I've put "battery tender" type chargers on my tractor & motorcycle to see if that will help extend their life.
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I use Optimas
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Yea - Tom, I looked at Optima & Odyssey AGM. I got a JD AGM battery. Something about a battery that looks like a 6-pack of Coors & then the Odyssey at $335 - and that's why I went with the JD. Man - I've mixed JD green & Kubota Orange - the cows left a steaming pile of that in the driveway yesterday.:laughing::laughing:
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I have a trickle charger but this setup looks like a better solution, I might have to get one Charger/Maintainer/Desulfator System Model# 1500 .. Since Moss and I have the same space requirements.. I think I'll go with his suggestion and get the Duralast Gold/Battery 51-DLG ..

As for my battery yes it's still good but don't want to wait until the temperatures drop to 15 degrees and then find out I have to change out the battery. If I didn't have to take off the exhaust to change it out, I would just keep my present battery until it dies.. As always .. Thanks for all of the input.