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Jul 24, 2010
Seaford, VA
Cub Cadet Sx3100
Well, I don't feel old anyhow! Just bought a new Sx3100 and we're enjoying it - so far it seems a pretty good machine. We got the FEL and 60" deck. When the deck is under it, my wife thinks the tractor is hers... Looking at a Woods tiller for it too.

I was a machinist for many years and went over into the CNC machining and found a nitch. Seems I have a nack for CNC programming so worked in that area for a lot of those years. I'm now running a Sciaki Electron Beam Welder for Jefferson Lab in Newport News, VA. I like it! The welder is inside of a vacuum chamber (7 E-5 Torr) and weld niobium assemblys for the lab.

Good to find such an active forum of like minded folks. I'm full of questions and specifically have one or two about this tractor.


Bill C.