New cx2510 cab or used ck2610 cab?

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Great discussion; I too am debating between CX/CK20SE cab to replace a CS/NX. Like the CK20SE cab for what it has and can do, but fearful about how it will beat up lawns on loaded R14's. And like the CX but it doesn't do much more than a CS. I think I will go for the CX because it can do what I need it to do, instead of the CK of what it can do (but I don't need all of them).
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I've beat my lawn up less with my CK2610 than I used to with the Deere 1025R; I've got R14's, loaded; the only time it makes an imprint is when the lawn is soaked. The Deere had R4's and then Carlisle VersaTurfs; less so with the later tires, but that thing absolutely loved to sink into my lawn.

I mean, your mileage may vary, but you may find yourself surprised. Does your dealer have an unpaved area you can operate the machines on?
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The R-14s are pretty easy on my sandy lawn. They do lack the real grip of a R-1, but do pretty good. I think they are probably the 80% rule. 80% as good as an Ag, 80% as gentle as a turf. Way easier on turf than an R-4.