new ecavator trailer

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thanks fellas for the posts. PJ sales are 100 miles away, worth the drive if having the right trailer or they will order for me.
will look the others up on the net, see if they have a dealer out here..
100 miles is right down the road. ;) If that's the trailer you want, I say go get it. Trailers aren't something that's gonna require "dealer support" like some other piece of equipment might. Chances are high that you'll get it and never need to talk to the dealer again.
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I had a kx040 but upgraded to the new u48. It’s 1600lb heavier so i needed a lighter trailer to stay under the dummies cdl weights. I got an aluminum sure trac 14k, with 12050 payload. No paint to fade, and pulls great, actually better than all my other trailers of the past. probably cause its so light.
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Been asked lots I know, but thinking we need a new tilt type trailer to haul a Kubota Kx-040 excavator. 14000lb trailer will do the job but many are built so minimally I won't buy them and paint is always lousy too. Any thoughts on something built heavy duty with longer lasting finish? pj seems to built a good trailer but no dealer close by enough to spend the fuel costs to go there just to look. Big max or trail boss is sold here so what do you think of those? poor welds are not my cup of tea so wanting one built properly with good craftsmanship.
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+2 on SureTrac. I now have 4 of them. Latest is a new 14k tilt I picked up this Fall. I would not hesitate to spend a day driving for the right trailer or vehicle that will last years. Good luck.