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Feb 7, 2005

I have been reading posts in this forum for several months and have decided to post.

I purchased a 1430 2-3 years ago but my trip to Tazewell was not very pleasant.

As an example, I remember talking to Scott and Terry w/regards to the machines, I found neither one of them really knew what they are talking about. I was very disappointed with their general lack of knowledge of their equipment. Scott even told me at one point the reason the 1430 had the ROPS was because the vehicle moved faster than the 425.....thus it had to have the overhead protection /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif

Anyway, there were many questions posed to them and I was not satisifed with the information I received in return.

It is a good thing I had made up my mind to purchase a 1430 before I got there, for I was VERY upset talking to uninformed people.

Anyway, I love the 1430 and use it reguarly in my tree service business moving logs, brush, etc. It saves us alot of time and the best part is it cost about one-half as much as other machines.

I like this site and I also like how everyone is making their own attachments for their own needs. Just the right place for PT owners.
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<font color="red">I like this site and I also like how everyone is making their own attachments for their own needs. Just the right place for PT owners. </font>


Welcome aboard TBN!

I agree with you one hundred percent /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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yes...welcome aboard. I guess i never really had to discover the PT sales staff knowledge(or lack of) since I can pick up most anything I need to know right here...this site is priceless to a tractor layman such as myself!
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welcome , and thank you for joining in with the fun and all things wonderful. I believe you have every right to elevate yourself into the "A" section of the PT Class. For a person searching for pertinent information, and coming up with negatives at every turn, and still liking and enjoying the product. " Good show "
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So how do you like the 1430? I'm planning on buying one this spring.
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1430 is great. As I stated, I use it in my tree business. I especially like the footprint as it seems to be able to go in customer's yards when other pieces of equipment dare not.

The only modification so far is a caution light, but I am going to add a rear hitch for trailers and eventually a log grapple. Currently I am using the grapple bucket. I have also simply drilled a hole in the bucket to attach a hitch to move trailers and equipment around.

I like the idea of the bucket made out of the oil tank. Very ingenious.

Another idea is the inverted log splitter which I believe would make a good useful attachment. And I may reverse the wheels, not sure though.
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Welcome to TBN and the family of PT owners. Sorry about the lack of information from the factory, as others have stated this site is the best.
Do you also use your 1430 for other projects such as snow removal? Do you have the blade or blower?
What other attachments do you have and use that you would recommend?
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I'll echo the harty welcome to the clan... it almost seems like that sometimes here, but unlike the typical clan, we do welcome newcomers!

I have an AnBo 5ft lightweight grapple rake on my 1845 and use it a lot for logs and slash... works very well for me.

I also built a boom pole that I can use with log tongs and made an upsidedown "V" near the back end so that I could handle long logs length ways by picking it up off-center near the butt end with the tongs and placing the short end in the V. This keeps the log from swinging around and lets me place it easily in a pile or in the back of a pick-up from the back.

A rope tied to one jaw of the tongs and back to the operator seat lets me jiggle the tongs free of the log (most of the time) so I seldom have to leave the seat. Also helps me set the tongs on a log.

These machines are very handy for log work. I found Terry very knowledgable (on the phone), but often less than forthcoming with technical information due mainly to company owner policy. Scott probably is more technical than many in a sales position, but is also constrained by company policy. Seems like you caught one or both in Blowing Smoke mode though. I bought my machine used from another member of this forum so have only dealt with them from a distance.

Glad you joined the forum.
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I have not thought of the snow blade or the blower. I used to have a bobcat and I just used the bucket to move and push snow so I assume I could do the same with the PT.

I remember I did take note of the PT stump grinder and did comment at Tazewell as to the small size of the wheel. I use a stump grinder as part of my services but the PT grinder would be useless for me. It is probably alright for homeowner use though. I understand the teeth on the grinder are replaceable now whereas on earlier models they were welded on.

While I was in Tazewell, a major snow storm was brewing and it was interesting to see them moving the snow at the shop with the power brooms.

I am all for trying to modifying local implements in lieu of driving back to Tazewell even though it really wasn't that far.
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I will see if I can post this pic of a log grapple I am referring too.


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