New owner of a X1.35

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Sep 12, 2017
Tehachapi, CA
McCormick X1.35
Hi all just bought an X1.35. Seemed to be lot of tractor for the money compared to the orange and green options with a similar weight and FEL lifting capacity. From what I understand this is the same basic tractor as the Branson 3520R, both made by Kukje. McCormick puts a different FEL on it though.
At any rate I've only had it out once to get the hang of how to use the FEL and the box blade.
I've attached a couple photos from delivery day.
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How do you like it so far? Considering one for myself.
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Ditto. He must be busy either running the wheels off or fixing it as there have been no updates LOL. B.
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I have about 50 hours on mine. I really wanted an x1-45 but dealer didn't have one and tried to talk me into a 35. That upset me but the more I looked, they are basically the same tractor minus the hp. I had a 42hp MF 135 gas. Let me tell you, I am amazed at the power of this tractor compared to my 42hp. I recently borrowed a friends MF 250 with 3 cyl diesel to pull a 7' grain drill since his had hydraulics to lift drill. They told me I needed 50 hp. His tractor pulled it (2wd only) but struggled mightily. So hear I buy a 35 hp and rent the same drill. I did not tell them what I was going to pull it with for fear they would tell me not to do it. My 35 hp tractor pulled it with ease and in 4 wd. It did not even struggle as my friends 43 hp did. I am glad I bought the 35 hp and saved a few thousand on the 45 hp.