New owner of Workmaster 25. What are these features?

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Apr 19, 2019
New Holland WM25 with 200LC front end loader, filled R4 tires 43X16.00-20 and 25X8.50-14 (had a Kubota B6200D with dozer and R1 tires)
Here are a few features on my new tractor that I haven't found in the manual. I'm not sure what they're for, or else have other questions. Can anybody help? It's a New Holland Workmaster 25, manual transmission with loader. I'm posting a picture of each item.

1) Small bracket welded onto the outer left side of the ROPS, up high. You could bolt something to it with two small bolts. Is it for some kind of warning for road use? Or a work light?

2) Small lengths of pipe welded to the inner faces of the 3 PPT hitch lift arms. A linchpin clips into it perfectly (as in photo). Is it for stowing them? Or does it do something else?

3) Seat belt holder. Understood. But, where's the opposite one? There's noplace very neat to stow the end of the left half of the belt.

4) Threaded stack at the base of the loader control valve. It's suspiciously accessible; is there something we adjust there?

5) Knobs for tool-free removal of, well, what, the bottom half of the control panel? Why is that set up for easy off? Don't the ignition switch wires have to come off with it?

6) Latching hook, apparently to keep clutch pedal pressed (disengaged). Why, for long term storage so clutch doesn't rust together?

7) Eye rings in front axle casting. They look more like attachment points for a hook or tie, not like something bolts there. For securing the machine on a trailer? But wouldn't that belong on the bottom?

Thanks everybody!!

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1) Most likely to mount a beacon.

2) Some people will use a wire or a long spring attached to those pieces of pipe to keep the lift arms from hitting the tires when where is no implement on the back.

3) Can't help you on that.

4) Pressure relief valve for the loader. No need to mess with it.

5) Fuse panel access?

6) Yes. Long term storage.

7) Eyes rings to help with the lifting when assembling of the tractor and disassembling for repairs if it will ever need.
   / New owner of Workmaster 25. What are these features?
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Thank you ptsg!
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A little more explanation on 6. Clutch at rest is engaged. That is full pressure between the pressure plate, the friction disk and the flywheel. IF the tractor is not used for a while say 6 months the whole system will stick together and will not disengage. Especially if stored outside. Most of the time the tractor can be pulled by another machine to try and jerk it loose. I had a truck I had to totally dismantle to get the clutch loose. Much easier to use the latches or in the case of the truck a stick between the seat and the clutch pedal.
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For #3, no there isn't a holder for the left side (I fold over the belt and tuck it behind the cross member just in front of the tank)
For #5, there are a bunch of relays behind the panel. It will move enough to get access to them if needed w/o disconnecting the switch.