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Jul 5, 2005
Harpers Ferry WV - Mountains of Shannondale
Former owner of a P T -180 / Kubota BX-1500 .. A Craftsman Yard Tractor / John Deere 140 H-1 / Cub Cadet 108. And now ( Little Red ) a Power Trac 1425
Out with the old in with the new.

The ol 1425 is getting there. The old rusted rotted seat had seen better days. I sanded and repainted the metal seat mounts, cleaned and lubed the tracks while I had it off.

The new seat has fold up arm rests so like it a lot. Didn't get a suspension seat because I like the full length metal back in case of an engine fire.

I don't need the extra suspension because I don't use my PT for mowing grass. I have a lawn tractor that works fine for that. I don't have a golf course lawn out here anyway.. I'll be using my tractor for landscaping moving rocks and tree's.

Now onto a new Rop's and new lights.. :cool:


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You might consider cutting off some of the seat belt so it does not let the tires catch it.
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Yep J.J. it is a tad long. I should trim it .. It is the original belt that came with the tractor. I just cleaned it up and bolted it to the new seat..
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Yeah, I run mine over every so often, too. I'm pretty good at tossing the slack over my lap instead of letting it hang, but it happens about once a year. I should just trim a foot off the end. It's not like I'm ever going to gain 24" in my waist. 12". Perhaps! But not 24! :D
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Never done that to date, guess we all learn some hard lessons .... When I first got my PT-180, I did however put my foot down while turning one day and ran over it and pinned it. Last time I ever did that again .. ;)
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I just folded mine up and stuffed it into the crack between the seat cushion and seat back...