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Feb 7, 2005
Pick up one of these a couple weeks ago. Very similar to my 1430 but so much more. Lifts to almost 10 feet. Telescoping boom and tipping is 1900#. Top speed 10 mph. Kubota this machine


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Interesting machine. Is that a pic of yours or just off the internet?
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Pic is the first order of the units to the US. Mine is there...I just picked it up later. They are suppose to open factory in 2017 in US. They make many Kubota loaders and are located in Netherlands. Great machine but expensive....and nice..Cannot remember name of the hydraulic motors they use but supposedly they lose only 5 percent of power after 5,000 hours.
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Looks very nice.

The wheel wells look like they could have more clearance. Probably no room to put chains on the back tires.

Looks like they follow the same design methodology as Power Trac. Make the machine out of lots of 1/4" plate steel.
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Only complaint is the seating position and high center of gravity, similar to the 2XXX series Power Tracs. Not an option for me with my slopes. I keep hoping to stumble on a low hours Gehl Advantage or Avante with a small diesel.
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These European tractors are quite amazing.

Menchofer, I would really appreciate it if you continued to post as much as you are comfortable with here in regards to your machine. Likes, Dislikes, general use and how to use it.
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Yes. They have been used in Europe for years and have great track record. I purchased this because I was looking for a small loader I could transport sideways on my truck/trailer to take to work. Have had the Giant for about a 3 or 4 weeks and it is quite handy. Lifting height is much higher than my 1430 and the telescoping boom is nice. Trying to find the time to compare lifting capacities of the 1430 vs. Giant.

The most interesting feature of machine is the joystick. All bucket and lift functions are buttons on joystick along with forward and backwards. I think it operates 12 different functions. And the range of motion such as curling or dumping bucket is much wider than the PT.

I currently use a branch manager grapple on the machine to lift and pull wood and brush. Tires are wider and taller than 1430, hp is a bit less, and the wheels oscillate independently over the ground. It has hydraulic inching brake and parking brake which is also nice.
Standard mini skid attachment plate was also something new they added for us so we could use variety of attachments. Another good feature is you are sitting up on the machine and you can see more especially when backing up. Paint job is top notch also.

I believe they are constructing a plant in Iowa already to make these in the usa. That will be nice.

They are expensive...about twice the price of a 1430. ... also come with 3 year warranty which is nice.