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Apr 19, 2020
Bowling Green, Ky
McCormick X1 35
Just picked up a new X1 35 yesterday, traded in my Kubota L3800 HST. Local McCormick dealer has done work for me in the past and has excellent mechanic. Deal was right and I got a Maschio Giraffa flail mower to go with it. Makes my old K seem like a 鍍oy in comparison. With my 7 finish mower the L3800 got very light in the front end . With the McCormick it痴 like it痴 not even there when you致e got something that heavy hanging on the 3 point. Like the fact she痴 an all steel tractor (not plastic like the green ones, or hydride plastic/steel fenders like the 溺 tractors. Checked out the Mahindra 2638 and KIOTI 4010. To me the McCormick seemed like a lot more machine for the $$
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:welcome: to TBN and congrats on your new investment. :thumbsup:
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Cruiserdog, congrats on the new tractor. If I were in the market for a larger frame 35hp the McCormick/Branson unit would definitely be on my short list. Seems like they have a heavier tractor (than the orange ones) and loader capacity is unmatched from what I can tell. Feel free to post some pics!
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Thanks Matt. She is a stout beast. I replaced a Kubota L3800 and the Mc is a LOT heavier tractor. I have a 7’ finish mower and with it raised the K liked to pull wheelies��. Happened one time to many. The Mc just sits there, no excitement -which is a great thing.