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Aug 28, 2011
JD 5105, JD 5055E
FB Marketplace is dangerous. I found a cheap Rhino SE-7, but it needs a bit of work. The wheel bearings need to be replaced and the gearbox is missing the input shaft. The blades and carrier are present, but I'm sure the blades can use sharpening. My plan is to get a replacement gearbox and buy a PTO shaft the right length once I get my quick attach installed. I'll be running this behind my JD 5105. I only have a few acres to mow, but I couldn't pass up the deal.

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Labor free just parts will cost sounds like good deal.:thumbsup:
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If you are taking off the gear box, you might want to consider replacing the stump jumper, new blades and new bolts. When I did mine, I lifted it up with my front loader and set it on it's side so I could get to the top and bottom of it easily.