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Steve griffin

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Feb 5, 2024
Case D40
Hey Guys I’ve got a Case D40 with a Shibaura N844-D-40 four cylinder engine that won’t start.
The problem started when I ran it low on diesel. First it clogged the lines up to the filter/shut off valve. Got that unplugged. Then it still wouldn’t start. So I thought I had clogged injectors. Took them off and dissembled them and cleaned them in an ultrasonic cleaner. I was very careful with the disassembly and not mixing parts from one to another etc.

I have bled the lines and have diesel all the way up to the injectors but I still can’t get it to even try and fire off.

I don’t see a bled screw on my injector pump but I would think if I had fuel at the injectors spitting out it would be good.

I’ve got a new battery and it’s cranking fast enough and I’ve tried opening and closing the throttle while cranking but still nothing. Any advice?
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Welcome to TBN. Did you pull the shutoff solenoid to see if you might have a clog at the shutoff plunger? Strange that you have fuel at the injectors, but how much?
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This is a 2 man job that makes a mess. First man unscrews the fuel filter bowl until it starts leaking diesel onto the ground from the threads. Second man gets in tractor and keeps cranking engine until it smooths out, not until it first fires, gotta keep cranking to get the air out of all lines completely. First man then hand tightens fuel filter bowl until it stops leaking.
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Not gonna be that easy....clogged lines, as mentioned in post #1. Use good fuel, filters/strainers and biocide. Fingers crossed for Steve ;>)