non detergent 30 weight oil

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OFS (Old Fart Story) -
Back about '70 knew a lady w/ an old MG, almost WWII vintage. Northern Vermont so cool temps, probably never got the engine hot in the last 20 years, just a few miles around town. My boss recommended she try detergent oil.
Loosened up the engine so well she needed a rebuild. She was livid.
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I’d use something newer, like a 10w-30 if it were me. It will be a detergent oil but moving ahead non detergent oil can be hard to find.

30 weight non detergent oil is common in pumps and maybe other applications. It’s easy to find.
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It's my understanding that detergent oil foams more than non-detergent. (Right?)
Wrong. That’s actually one of the many specs that modern oils must meet, eliminate foaming. Air bubbles don’t lubricate. If your favourite oil foams, you’d better switch to another brand asap 😉
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Can it be used as hydraulic oil?

My CAT recommends 30 Wt Hydraulic oil, and as far as I can tell, it is just ordinary oil.
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i don't believe so but you decide for yourself, hydraulic fluid has special additives in it that 30 weight motor oil don't, i believe anyway. i wouldn't but it's your dime, not mine
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My 50 year old CAT D3 dozer specified 20 weight motor oil.
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50 years ago, oil chemistry was a lot different than it is today, but I'm sure you realize that. Heck, when I was growing up, there was no multi grade motor oils nor did synthetic exist either.

Back then you used Quaker State or Pennzoil straight weight in pasteboard cans with metal ends and opened them with a church key. I still have some on the shelf and I'm sure they have collectors value as well.
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Yup. Cat was good about approving a single oil for engine and hydraulics, to simplify
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I confess to using universal for my needs.

The CAT service counter said superior the motor oil
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Having retired from a dealership that was Cat certified, I early on found out that parts counter jockeys aren't very smart when it comes to required lubricants and really just want to upsell you on what they stock and today, most part counter jockeys are paid on salary plus commission so it's in their best (financial) interest to upsell you....

If you want the real skinny, ask one of the certified mechanics, not a counter jockey.

I'll leave it at that.